Spring: Getting To Know Your School

Across The Sea will will take you, the school, through several important steps to make sure you are ready to receive your Shlichim. Beginning with a site visit where we will collect video, work with your technology team, educational team and existing teachers and staff as we get to know the uniqueness of your school.

Spring: Getting To Know Your Shlichim

Through one on one meetings, we at Across The Sea  begin to bring your Shlichim into the life, culture and tempo of your school.

July: Summer Boot Camp

A four day hands on learning experience tailored to meet the specific needs of your school and Shaliach

  • Teaching the child, not the material
  • Incorporating technology into lesson planning
  • Assessment - everything except the test
  • Planning for the first day! Be ready now.

Fall: Ongoing Support

For your school and your new Shlichim once the school year has begun. [Separate fee based on school needs]

  • Behind the scenes assistance with email writing
  • Lesson planning and unit preparation
  • General support