Who Are We at Across The Sea?


Dr. Cindy Mann
As founder of Across The Sea, I am committed to helping bridge the cultural and educational  gap that Shlichim and their host schools experience when Israeli teachers enter American day schools for the first time.  For 25 years I have worked in the American educational system, as a teacher in a school for the deaf and as a curriculum designer and teacher trainer in the Jewish day school world.    Working both in the United States and then remotely from Israel, I guide educators and teams of teachers to design, rethink and define vision, mission and goals of educational programs using Understanding by Design, a backwards model of curriculum design.  Whether in Israel or America, I work with teachers, programs and schools to design Signature Learning Experiences that bring alive the values and mission of their school in the classroom learning. 

Across The Sea Advisors

Sasha Weiss
Sasha  Weiss has over 15 years of experience in the private equity field and the non-profit education space.  In addition to her business experience, she has started several formal and informal education programs in the US and Israel.  Sasha sits on the boards of several non-profits including Beit Issie Shapiro and Tziirim Lchinuch.

Rebecca Perlin
Rebecca has been working in education both in America and Israel for the past 20 years. Rebecca taught middle school and high school science in the United States, in gifted and talented programs as well as in experimental charter schools. In 2005, Rebecca founded Science in Motion, a science enrichment program in Israel while working with schools to create more hands on science learning.