What is Across The Sea Training?

Across the Sea is an intensive training program in Israel designed to transition  Shlichim into the culture, values and life of Diaspora day schools. New Shlichim bring with them a love of Israel, Hebrew language and Israeli culture. Across the Sea helps maximize the Shaliach experience by working with American day schools and Shlichim to bridge the educational and cultural gaps so that  each school, each Shaliach  and each  student  gets the most from the Shaliach experience.


Why Across The Sea Training? 

Jewish Day schools outside of Israel seek out Israeli faculty in an effort to weave Israel, its values, culture and language into the fabric of Jewish day school learning. Brought up and trained in Israeli teaching programs, Shlichim  arrive and experience a tremendous gap between their own educational experience and training and the needs of the American day schools they are joining, unaware of and unprepared for the educational and professional expectations that lay ahead. Across The Sea prepares Shlichim to meet the needs of the specific school they are headed to as well as to begin to think culturally and educationally in the larger framework of American education.